Health & Safety Checklist Inspection Webinars for Providers Early Childhood

New ruling from the State Board of Education regarding Health & Safety Checklists & Inspections to be conducted by the Department of Children and Families.  This new rule affects any provider (public school, private, family childcare home) that wants to be a School Readiness Provider.  Please click here for information on upcoming webinars.

Provider FAQs memo


LATEST NEWS Advisory on the Zika Virus

State health officials issue mosquito-borne illnesses advisory in Osceola County

Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying and can also spread diseases. The best way to prevent diseases and spread of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses by mosquitoes is to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites. Here are resources to learn how to prevent mosquito bites and reduce the presence of mosquitoes around you.  Zika hotline number is 1-855-622-6735.  Click the links below for more information.


Kissimmee Events

How well do you know where you live?  Did you know that Kissimmee has a lot of fun and exciting things to see and do right here in your own backyard?  Check out this website for a listing of special and on-going events throughout Osceola County.  I think you will be amazed just how much there is to see and do right here, in your hometown.


Early Learning Performance Funding Project

Learn about the Early Learning Performance Funding Project and how your center can become a participant for the future. The project gives eligible, selected child care providers and their instructors an opportunity to earn additional compensation for improving school readiness program outcomes. To be eligible to participate, at least 30 percent of a provider’s birth-5 enrollment had to be children in the School Readiness Program. Nearly 900 child care providers applied to be part of the 2016-17 project; 479 were selected to participate. Each provider selected has been assigned to a group offering specific professional development.  Click the link below for additional information and facts on the program.