About VPK Providers


To participate in the VPK program, providers are required to be one of the following:

  • A licensed child care facility
  • A licensed family child care home
  • A large licensed family child care home
  • A non-public school or faith based provider that is exempt from licensure
  • A public school district that has met the class size amendment

Registered family child care homes, unlicensed family child care homes and informal child care providers are not eligible to participate in the VPK program.

Each VPK provider must also meet one (1) of the following qualifications:

  • Be accredited by an accrediting association that is a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation, the Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, or the Florida Association of Academic Non-Public Schools
  • Hold a current Gold Seal Quality Care designation
  • Be a licensed child care provider and demonstrate to the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County that VPK program requirements are met.

All private providers (e.g., other than public school) must have one of the following:

  • Have a Prekindergarten Director who has a VPK Director Endorsement, issued by DCF. Effective January 1, 2007
  • Have a Prekindergarten Director who has a DCF Director Credential issued prior to December 31, 2006. Prekindergarten Directors with this credential are not required to submit an application for the VPK Director Endorsement until they renew their DCF Director Credential.

VPK legislation includes the credentialing requirements for instructors in school-year and summer VPK classrooms for both public and private providers.

If you are interested in applying to become a VPK provider, please contact our VPK Enrollment Specialist by phone at 321-219-6012 or email yrosario@4cflorida.org

New Forms for Fall 2017:

OEL-VPK 20 Statewide Contract

OEL-VPK 20PP Private Provider

OEL-VPK 20PS Public School

OEL-VPK 20A Amendment to Statewide Contract

Resources and Forms 2016-2017:

15-16 VPK Provider Policy & Procedures Handbook 

OEL-VPK 20 VPK Statewide contract

Form OEL-VPK 20PP (Private Provider)


OEL-VPK 10 Statewide Provider Application

OEL VPK 11A Class Registration

OEL-VPK_11B Calendars

OEL-VPK 03S Short Attendance Verification

OEL-VPK 03L Long Attendance Verification

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