Osceola Provider Community Alliance (OPCA)

What is the Osceola Provider Community Alliance?

The Osceola Provider Community Alliance, formerly known as the Provider Advisory Council, is an open quarterly meeting for child care providers who are interested in meeting other providers and/or having their voices heard by the Coalition. There are currently two organizations established:

  • Osceola Provider Community Alliance for Centers
  • Osceola Provider Community Alliance for Family Child Care Homes
What is the purpose of these meetings?

The Osceola Provider Community Alliances were established to:

  • Provide an open forum for providers to share their ideas, concerns, requests and opinions.
  • Provide an avenue for the Coalition to gain critical feedback from providers in the development and implementation of quality initiatives, school readiness programs and services.
Can anyone attend these meetings?

Yes! All child care providers are encouraged to attend and speak openly as the meetings are facilitated by the Coalition Provider Representatives. The information, views and ideas generated at these meetings are presented to the Coalition anonymously. Coalition staff consultants and central agency staff do not attend these meetings to ensure that honest feedback may be communicated.

Is there a fee to attend?

No. These meetings are always free.


For more information about the OPCA meeting contact your Provider Representative:

Center Representative
Nancy Emestica – 407-348-5437 – dubarcorp@aol.com
Faith-Based Representative
Rijean Smith – 407-857-2575 – rsmith@kissimmeefumc.org
Family Child Care Liaison
Naomi Helligar – 407-847-0843 – nhelligar@yahoo.com

OPCA MEETING DATES 2017-18 (centers & faith-based): 12/14/17; 2/15/18; 5/17/18  All meetings from 1:00pm – 2:30pm @ Career Source- Conference Room A
OPCA MEETING DATES 2017-18 (family child care homes):  11/13/17;12/11/17; 2/12/18; 4/09/18; 6/11/18  All meetings from 7:00pm – 8:30pm @ Hart Memorial Library in the Roseada Room (second floor)