Session Handouts for 12th Annual Ready, Set, Grow Conference 2016

Get your session handouts here for the 12th Annual Read, Set, Grow Early Educators Conference!!!

RSG Course Descriptions and Menu

Just click the link next to the presenter’s name:

Stephanie Miller: TSG Checklist; Ten Time Savers for GOLD; Digging for GOLD Press Here Lesson Plan; Digging For GOLD Objectives for Press Here; Objectives Green Eggs and Ham; Digging for GOLD- Green Eggs and Ham

Ana Gonzalez:   Culinary Queries 2016

Paula McVey:   ASQ Activities for main intervals

Nicole Del Rio: Nicole Math stem

Nick Evans (Kaplan): Nick Kaplan Block Play 101; Nick Handout 1; Nick Kaplan Fine Motor Development 3- 5 Year Olds; Space & Astronomy 101 – The Moon

Susan McCall: McCall – DOC012816presenation-01282016143044

Kelly Rogers: Rogers – 2.27.16_Ready.Set.Grow. Conference_Engineering Our Health_NCHS



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