The Coalition has staff, listed below, whose role is to support the work of the Coalition’s Board of Directors. Staff is always available to assist Board members with their role and answer any questions from individuals, providers and/or the community about early learning programs and services.

Amanda Kelkenberg
Chief Executive Officer

Nothing is more important than the success of our children.  Beginning her career in an early childhood center, Amanda worked for years as an early childhood educator and early learning program director.  With expertise in training, coaching, program development, new business development, and strategic planning, Amanda has strongly established her career in the Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) system.  Amanda completed her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies at Empire State College and earned an M.B.A. from Medaille College in 2014.  As an established leader in the field, Amanda is a strong advocate for the rights of children, families, and early learning professionals.  Amanda is committed to working with leadership, the Board and all staff toward increasing the relevance of the Early Learning Coalition in the community with impactful strategies and sound data driven decisions that improve the lives of children and families in Osceola County.

Susanna Wong-Jans
Finance/Human Resources Director

Susanna has been with the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County since 2014 serving as both the Finance and Human Resources Director. With over 30 years of experience in all areas of accounting, Susanna’s responsibilities at the Coalition include grant accounting, fiscal planning, revenue and expense projections, record keeping, contract compliance, and the oversight of fiscal integrity. Susanna also manages human resources within the Coalition. She is the mother of two beautiful children and one amazing grandson. Outside of work, she enjoys relaxing at home with family.

Michelle Alfred
Program Services Manager

Michelle joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in July of 2017. She began her professional career in Public Health Education and continued gaining over 10 years of experience as a science teacher in the public schools. Recognizing how critical early development is, Michelle decided to homeschool her 2 daughters through their primary years to ensure their future academic success.  After returning to the classroom she realized that the students who struggled the most lacked essential foundational skills. This fueled her desire to get in on the proactive end of education, preschool.  Michelle left the public-school system to pursue the third leg of her career in Early Childhood Education. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child, Consumer, and Family Services from Florida State University as well as a Florida Director’s Credential.

Michelle: “I am excited to be part of the ELC team and look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of children and families.”

Carmen Garcia 
Program Compliance Coordinator

Carmen joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in 2015 and has over 7 years of experience working with the School Readiness and Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs. As the Program Compliance Coordinator, Carmen is responsible for the implementation of program compliance functions, maintaining proficiency in all programmatic compliance areas including legislation, rules, OEL guidelines, and local Coalition policies and procedures.

Carmen: “I can say that I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people! I am extremely proud and honored to work with the ELC of Osceola County where children are set up to be successful and grow into amazing little beings. I believe all kids deserve to have a safe educational environment to learn, grow and have fun.”

Rosse Mary Fermin
Office Manager

Rosse Mary joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in February 2019 to provide administrative assistance to ELC staff as the full-time office administrator. She previously worked for Community Coordinated Care for Children (4C) and has over 7 years of experience working with the School Readiness and Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs in Osceola County. She has since transitioned into the role of Office Manager, providing direct support to both the Chief Executive Officer and the Finance Director. As the ELC’s Office Manager, Rosse Mary assists with communication and correspondence, attends all board and committee meetings, and manages office functions. Rosse Mary is also a devoted wife and the mother of two beautiful children.

Cynthia Mejia
Early Education Specialist

Cynthia joined the Early Learning Coalition in November of 2017. She comes with over 10 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. She has a passion for preparing young minds for the future and influencing teachers to find joy in their profession. Her professional goal is to consistently seek out fresh, new, cutting edge techniques that engage children and make them excited about learning. Cynthia also volunteers in the community with entities that empower families by teaching them the importance of early childhood education. She currently holds a FCCPC certificate and is working to advance her education. Cynthia’s passion for education and the community make her a vital asset to the Coalition and the families we serve.

Wedlin Ramos Rivera
Early Education Specialist

Wedlin Ramos Rivera came onboard at the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in February of 2019. As an Early Education Specialist her primary responsibilities include planning, and implementing strategies that strengthen early childhood teaching skill sets and classroom environments by providing training and technical assistance and support to early childhood educators and center Directors. Wedlin has over 13 years of experience in varying areas early childhood education. She has worked at Head Start, YMCA, and in the Public-School System. Wedlin earned her associate’s degree in early childhood education in May of 2013 and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in May of 2015

Wedlin: “I’m honored to work in a place, where I am able to support educators, providers, community partners, children and their families so that all children have the opportunity to receive high quality education. I can personally say that I am grateful to work with a team who supports each other as well as our community as a whole!”

Marie Mica Charles
Early Intervention Specialist

Marie, fondly referred to as Mica, joined the Early Learning Coalition staff in August of 2019 as the Quality Initiatives Specialist. Before landing at the Coalition, Mica worked as an account manager for many years. Eventually her passion for children led her to pursue and receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Central Florida. She now operates in the position of Early Intervention Specialist in which she monitors developmental screening compliance and plays a vital role in providing Inclusion Services. Originally from Haiti, Mica speaks both French and Creole as well as English. Mica is also the devoted mother of two beautiful children.

Neysha Dominguez
Inclusion Specialist

Neysha joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in August of 2018 with more than 11 years of teaching experience. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Language Arts from the University of Interamericana (Puerto Rico). As a high school Spanish/Language Arts teacher, Neysha realized the importance of an early educational foundation. With this new perspective she decided to obtain a certificate in early childhood education and became a Pre-K teacher. For 6 years she designed and implemented educational programs that helped preschool students from various backgrounds, including English Language Learners. Now, as the ELC’s Inclusion Specialist, Neysha’s responsibilities include; providing inclusion focused trainings and technical assistance to teachers and providers, child assessment implementation, and developmental screening follow-up. Neysha is also a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children.

Neysha: “I am eager and excited to develop strategies that address the special needs of children along with the Early Learning Coalition team and its network of childcare providers.”

Yo-Sheera Cabrera
Quality Initiatives Specialist

Yo-Sheera (or Yoshi) joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County in 2018 to provide administrative support as an office administrator. She previously worked for Community Coordinated Care for Children (4C) and has over 10 years of experience working with the School Readiness and Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs in Osceola County. Yo-Sheera has since taken over the role of Quality Initiatives Specialist in which she oversees the planning and implementation of the Coalition’s quality and outreach initiatives. Yoshi is also responsible for maintaining communication and correspondence with Osceola providers as well as hosting programmatic meetings.

Miguel Torres
Finance Administrative Assistant

Natalie Snodgrass
Provider Support Specialist

Natalie Snodgrass started as the Provider Support Specialist for the Early Learning Coalition in November 2020. Natalie has been passionate about education since she started her career 14 years ago. Natalie received her bachelor’s in children’s ministry with a preschool/ daycare management emphasis from Johnson University Florida. Natalie has worked in multiple roles in the preschool world, including administration and has experience with elementary education, focusing on schools that experience high poverty and trauma. Using her knowledge and experience from teaching and leading, she is excited about helping each provider reach their best potential. When Natalie is not at work, she is found with a coffee in hand exploring gardens in Central Florida or at Disney.

Kim Scarlata
Social Emotional Specialist

Kim Scarlata joined the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola in November 2020. Kim is a Florida native. She holds an AA degree in Early Childhood Education from St. Petersburg College and a Bachelors of Arts in Therapeutic Recreation from Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. Later, she attended the University of West Florida where she majored in Social Work. Kim has over 25 years of experience working with children and providers and believes that positive relationships are crucial to development and learning. She has held many different roles over the years including teacher, center director, Supportive Intervention Specialist, Training and Development Specialist, and now a Social Emotional Education Specialist. Kim is a Mother to a son in college studying engineering; she is passionate about early intervention and believes in supporting children, parents, teachers and the community.