3T’s Book Share

3Ts Tip: Is reading with your child a challenge? Make the most of this summer and try to Book Share instead! Open a book and have a conversation using the 3Ts. There’s so much more to talk about than just the words on the page. Describe the pictures, talk about how the characters might be feeling, or predict what you think will happen next. Learn more at the3Ts.org!

3T’s: ¿Sabías que…


¿Sabías que… cada palabra que dices construye el cerebro de tus hijos? Investigaciones muestran que los niños son más exitosos en la escuela cuando sus padres hablan e interactúan con ellos desde que nacen. Aprovecha al máximo tu tiempo con tus hijos usando las 3Cs. Conéctate: Esta presente. Conversa: Usa una gran variedad de palabras. Comparte Turnos: Ten conversaciones con tus hijos. Para aprender más, crea una cuenta en las3Cs.org, donde encontrarás muchos más tips y herramientas gratis! #Conéctate #Conversa #ComparteTurnos To learn more about the 3Ts, sign up at the3Ts.org. It’s free!


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3T’s: Did you know…?


Did you know…every word you say builds your child’s brain!

Research shows that children do better in school when parents and caregivers talk and interact with them from birth. Make the most of the time you’re spending with your child by using the

3Ts. Tune In: Be in the moment. Talk More: Use a wide variety of words. Take Turns: Engage your child in conversation.


To learn more about the 3Ts, sign up at the3Ts.org. It’s free! #AnyTimeIs3TsTime #3TsFlorida #PNCGrowUpGreat


Family Portal

  1. How to Complete the School Readiness Enrollment Process (5:50)
  1. How to Complete Developmental Screening Questionnaires (6:32)
  1. How to View Screening Results (2:15)
  1. How to Update Consent Settings (2:35)

Provider Portal

  1. How to Complete and Submit Screenings (3:39)
  1. How to Search for Screening Records (2:20)
  1. How to Add and View Screening Notes (2:39)

Strategies for Becoming a Resilient Leader

Strategies for Becoming a Resilient Leader

Leading teams can be difficult and leading teams during times of crisis can feel overwhelming. The science of resilience helps us to understand what skills, behaviors and attitudes are essential to navigate challenges and lead in ways that help our teams “bounce back” and move forward. Resilient leadership is the term used to describe those leadership behaviors that help others withstand crisis, adapt to or rebound from adversity (George Everly, Johns Hopkins University). As we navigate the current climate, leading with a resilience mindset is essential. In this presentation, participants will learn a holistic framework for promoting resilience within staff and themselves.

Event – https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_eYBUXWCXQzGPCQ8o99XlNQ

75 minute Strategies for being a ResilientLeader in EnglishTuesday, May 25, 2021 6pm-7:15pm Nefertiti Poyner

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Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient YOU!

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. We all need resilience – children and the adults who love and care for them. This webinar is designed to meet you where you are and show you how a few simple changes in your daily routine can strengthen your resilience and increase your happiness, joy, and overall sense of well-being. Parents, teachers and administrators – all of us need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the children we care for and love.
First event –  https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_v1JnZmuYQJ6SOTUeASddDA
75 minute Building Your Bounce Workshop in English
Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Susan Damico
Second event – https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_P-ZLgZGzTKW4VyzfKBXXRQ
75 minute Building Your Bounce Workshop in Spanish
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Nelly Palma
*A confirmation e-mail and reminder e-mails will be sent a few times prior to the event with log in*