Curriculum Requirements

School Readiness Approved Curriculum Requirements

Providers offering the School Readiness program MUST utilize an approved developmentally appropriate curriculum with a character development program, in accordance with rule 6M-4.710, to offer each child from birth to kindergarten entry scheduled activities and instruction that are designed to enhance the age-appropriate progress of each child in attaining the performance standards adopted by FOEL under rule 6M-4.700.

Voluntary Prekindergarten Approved Curriculum Requirements

Providers whether private or public, whose VPK Readiness Rate falls below the minimum rate adopted by the State Board, will be placed on probation.  Those providers will have to submit and implement an approved improvement plan.  One of the target areas must either be (1) the use of an approved curriculum from the State list or (2) a Staff development plan.   Click the link below to see OEL’s approved curriculum list.

Note:  If the provider is already using one of the approved curriculums will just have to show proof of purchase.  If not, the provider would need to purchase one from the list and show proof of purchase.