Policies and procedures

Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County
Policies and Procedures


Sect. 206A – Coalition General Provisions

206A.01 – Policy Development & Approval Process
206A.02 – Discrimination
206A.03– Non Employment Related Grievances
206A.04 – Suspected Fraud
206A.05 – Disaster Preparation
206A.06– Confidentiality & Privacy Protections
206A.07 – Honoraria
206A.08 – Whistleblower Protection
206A.09 – Website Privacy

Sect. 206B – Coalition Member Conduct & Responsibilities

206B.01 – Ethical Standards
206B.02 – Board Member Recruitment and Eligibility

206B.03  – Conflict of Interest

Sect. 206C – Human Resources

– General Provisions
206C.01– Staff Ethics
206C.02 – New Employee Introductory Period
206C.03– New Employee Orientation

– Legislative Requirements
206C.10– Equal Employment Opportunity
206C.11– Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment
206C.12 – Disability Accommodations
206C.13 – Immigration Law Compliance
206C.14 – Drug Free Workplace
206C.15 – Personnel Records
206C.16 – Employment Related Grievances

– Employment Policies

206C.19 Executive Director Policy

206C.20– Roles of Coalition Staff
206C.21– Hiring & Retention of Employees
206C.22 – Employment Classifications
206C.23– Employment Application/Criminal Background Checks
206C.24– Employee Timesheets
206C.25– Attendance & Absences
206C.26– Incentive/Bonus Payment
206C.27– Employee Discipline
206C.28– Employee Termination
206C.29– Employment Verification & Letters of Reference
206C.30 – Exit Interview
206C.31 – Rehiring Former Employees

– Employee Compensation
206C.40 – Employee Salaries
206C.41– Hours of Work
206C.42– Pay Period
206C.43 – Wage Administration
206C.44 – Administrative Pay Corrections
206C.45– Social Security
206C.46 – Other Pay Deductions
206C.47– Overtime
206C.48– Employee Travel
206C.49 – Employee Performance Appraisals
206C.50 – Personal Checks & Pay Advances

– Employee Benefits
206C.60 – Health Insurance Coverage
206C.61 – Employee Term Life Insurance
206C.63– Holidays
206C.66 – Retirement Benefits
206C.67 – Time Off to Vote
206C.68– Bereavement Leave
206C.69 – Jury & Witness Duty Leave
206C.71 – Continuation of Health Coverage (COBRA)
206C.72 – Worker’s Compensation Insurance
206C.73– Personal Extended Leave Without Pay
206C.74 – Paid Time Off Approved

– Workplace Policies

206C 80– Dress & Grooming Standards

206C.81  Business Cell Phone Policy
206C.82 – Personal Telephone Calls
206C.83– Electronic Communications
206C.84 – Smoking
206C.85 – Public Relations
206C.86 – Clean Work Area
206C.87 – Return to Work
206C.88– Media Requests
206C.89 – Infant at Work Program

– General Rules
206C.90– Conduct on the Job
206C.91– Suggestions & Ideas
206C.92– Dual Employment
206C.93– Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Rights
206C.94 – Coalition Social Functions

– Safety Rules & Procedures
206C.100 – Security
206C.101 – Parking
206C.102– Injuries
206C.103 – Employee Tuition Reimbursement

Sect. 206D – Operations

– General Provisions
206D 01– CEO Levels of Authority
206D.02– Data Security
206D.03- E-Signature Policy
206D.08 – Very Important Partner Donation Program
206D.09 – Very Important Partner Volunteer Program
206D.10  Agency Vehicle Policy

– Inventory Management
206D.12– Tangible Personal Property
206D 13– Prior Approval for Capital and Administrative Expenses
206D.14– Depreciation & Useful Lives
206D.15 – Capitalization of Property

206D.17– Lost or Stolen Property
206D.18- Surplus Inventory

– Records Retention
206E.10– Designation of Deputy Custodian
206E.12– Retention, Storage, and Retrieval of Records
206E.13– Responding to Public Records Requests
206E.14 – Authorized Destruction of Records

– Early Learning Programs
206G.02– Internal Monitoring of Program Budget Threshold Expenditures


-General Provisions
210A.01– Contract Management
210A.02– Contract Requirements


– General Provisions

220A 01 – Parental Access and Choice
220A.02–  Staff Development Registration Attendance Policy

– Mini Grant Awards & Training Incentives
220A.28– Disaster Relief – Family Support
220A.29 – Disaster Relief – Provider Support



– General Provisions
240A 01– Accounting Practices
240A.02– Chart of Accounts
240A 03– General Ledger
240A 04– Cost Allocation Plan
240A 05– Financial Reports
240A 06 – Support Documentation
240A.07– Independent Audit
240A.08 – Program Income/Stand In Costs
240A.09 – Procurement of Commodities and/or Contractual

– Cash Management
240A.10– Budget Preparation and Use
240A 11– Bank Accounts
240A.12– Purchase Authorization & Invoice Processing
240A.13– Receipt of Funds, Contributions, and Grants
240A 14– Cash Disbursements
240A 15– Payroll Processing
240A 16– Insurance and Bonding
240A 17 – Petty Cash
240A 18– Check and Cash
240A.19– Cash Management
240A 20 – Allowability of Costs

– Internal Coalition Budget Invoices & Expenses
240A 21– Ongoing Coalition Monthly Expenses

– Quality Initiatives Invoices & Expenses
240A 30– Quality Initiatives Invoices Processed by

– Coalition Direct Payments
240A 41– Credit Card Usage
240A 42– Internal Coalition Budget Invoices/Expenditures

– Travel & Expense Reimbursement
240A 50 – Travel-Newest Policy
240A.51 – Travel Advances
240A.52 – Per Diem
240A.53 – Conference & Convention Expenses
240A.64– Reporting of Internal Control
240A 65– Internal Controls


Sect. 404 – Child Eligibility

404A 01– Single Point of Entry – Unified Waitlist

404A 02 – At Risk Referral Enrollment Guidelines

404A 03 – Childcare Resource and Referral

404A 04 – School Readiness Enrollment Guidelines

404A 05 – Teen Parent Program Guidelines

404A 06– School Readiness Termination of Services Guidelines

Sect. 408 – Provider Eligibility

408A 01 – School Readiness Provider Eligibility Determination

Sect. 410 – Enrollment & Attendance

410A.01 – Protective Services Children Jurisdiction

Sect. 430 – Monitoring & Performance Standards

430A.01– Contract/Subrecipient Monitoring
430A.02 – At Risk and TANF Internal Procedures
430A.03– School Readiness Provider Post Attendance Audits
430A 04– School Readiness Program Compliance
430A.05 – School Readiness Child Developmental Screening

Sect. 440 – Finance & Budget

440A.01 – Provider Payment Rates
440A.02 – Child Absences
440A.03 – Co-Payment Fee Adj.

440A.10 – Slot Management


– Enrollment & Attendance
510A.01 – VPK Child Eligibility Determination
510A 02– VPK Child Enrollment Process
510A.03– VPK Program Monitoring
510A.04 – VPK Provider Eligibility Determination
510A.05 – VPK Compliance Enforcement

Policy 5.02– Information Systems Security Program
Current Disciplinary Actions per SR Handbook 
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