School Readiness Child Care Financial Assistance


The School Readiness program assists economically disadvantaged families with child care expenses by paying a portion of tuition costs. These services also include extended-day, extended-year, and school age care for children to support parents in becoming financially self-sufficient.

Children in the school readiness program are given the foundation for not only educational but for life-long success because they are taught the basics of self-care and self-management. The children, who are younger than kindergarten age, develop the social and emotional skills that enable them to take instruction, make friends, express thoughts, and cope with frustration.

Am I eligible for Services?

All families that apply for the School Readiness program can receive information on choosing a child care provider and child care provider listings through Child Care Resource and Referral services. To learn more about eligibility criteria for the School Readiness program and/or to access Child Care Resource and Referral services, please contact the Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County or visit